KMusicManager -- News

1.2 Released

This release is mostly a bug fix release. It will probably be the last release for quite some time. I have started a new project (a BitTorrent client for KDE), and will focus on that project for the time being.

KMusicManager 1.1

KMusicManager version 1.1 has been released. A whole bunch of bug fixes and a new database tree are among the changes in this version. A major internal overhaul of the code has also happened. Finally the database can't get corrupt anymore (this happened when KDE was shutting down and kmusicmanager didn't have enough time to save it).

KMusicManager's new icon

I should also mention that I created a new icon, it isn't very special but I'm not an artist, and I didn't have much inspiration. It's based upon the knotify icon.

KMusicManager 1.0.2

KMusicManager's new file renaming feature

Some bug fixes and some new features, resulted in the release of KMusicManager 1.0.2 . Here's a short overview of the new features :

Get it at the download page.

1.0.1 released

This release fixes some bugs from the 1.0 release. Some crashes have been fixed. Directory monitoring works for all directories now.

KMusicManager 1.0 released

KMusicManager's main window

This is the first release of KMusicManager. KMusicManager manages your entire music collection. Get this release at the download page. More screenshots can be found here.

KMusicManager 1.0 main features are :

For a full list of features, goto the features page.

KMusicManager is released under the GNU GPL license. It's a KDE application and will run on any operating system which can run KDE, however it has only been tested on linux.